Picking the Right Vacuum for Your Spring Cleaning Needs

Mar 9, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Picking the Right Vacuum for Your Spring Cleaning Needs

Spring is nearly here, which means people are anxious to get started on this year’s spring cleaning! If you’re like us at Precision Chem-Dry, you’re in the process of purchasing cleaning supplies, writing cleaning schedules, and looking for any products that will make spring cleaning easier.

If any cleaning products, such as your vacuum, are getting old and no longer fits your needs or lifestyle, now is a perfect time to replace them! Because we’re the experts at carpet cleaning in Sugar House, UT, we know quite a bit about vacuums and the best ones for your home. Here is are a breakdown on what you should consider before you purchase a vacuum this spring!

Be Realistic About Your Typical Cleaning Schedule

While you may be vacuuming a lot this spring, think about how often you vacuum on a regular basis. Do you vacuum your home weekly? If that sounds like you, a lightweight stick vacuum may be a great option for your lifestyle. But, if you vacuum less frequently, an upright or canister vacuum will fit your needs fine.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t find time to clean or if you can’t physically vacuum, a robotic vacuum may be perfect for you. No matter how frequently you vacuum, you will still need a routine carpet cleaning in Sugar House, UT about twice a year!

Think About the Noise Levels in Your Home 

If you have children in your home or live in an apartment with thin walls, you may be looking for a quiet vacuum that cleans well. You’ll want a vacuum with a decibel level of 60-65 as it will be very quiet, while a vacuum with a decibel level of 70 or higher will be louder.

Consider the Flooring and Size of Your Home

If your home has high and low carpet, hardwood floors, or tile, you’ll need a vacuum with customizable settings so that the vacuum can adapt to each type of flooring. If this sounds like your home, you’ll also want to be sure to choose a model that has the option to turn off the brush feature so it won’t scratch your hardwood floors. Additionally, if you live in a larger home, you may benefit from a robust upright vacuum, whereas a stick vacuum may be a better fit if you reside in an apartment or smaller home.

Don’t Forget About Pets 

Dogs, cats, and other pets leave hair and dander all over your floors and carpet, so you need a vacuum specifically designed to deal with this type of cleaning. Look for a vacuum that has at least 12 amps of power and specific pet hair attachments. Vacuuming can help clean up pet hair, but it can’t remove pet urine and odor. If you have pets in your home and have been dealing with accidents, you’ll want to get a pet urine removal in Salt Lake City, UT to make sure you don’t have to tackle smelly urine stains.

Keep Your Carpets Clean This Spring and Year-Round

Vacuuming is crucial in any home for spring cleaning and year-round, and so is professional carpet cleaning in Sugar House, UT! If you want to guarantee that your carpets will look and smell clean and fresh just in time for spring, contact Precision Chem-Dry today!

For a limited time, spend $300 or more on any service and get $50 OFF! To learn more about our carpet cleaning in Sugar House, UT, contact us today! 

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