Things You Should Do While Cleaning Your Home This Summer

Jul 6, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

Things You Should Do While Cleaning Your Home This Summer

Summer is a fantastic opportunity to spruce up your home … especially if you never got around to spring cleaning this year. There are a few things year after year that our team at Precision Chem-Dry notices homeowners forget to do, so we’ve put them into this blog for you. Keep reading to learn what things you should do while cleaning your home in Layton, Farmington, and surrounding Davis County areas this summer and well, every season!

Move Your Kitchen Appliances to Sweep and Mop Underneath

Over time, crumbs, grease, and other unwanted dirt accumulate behind and underneath your stove, refrigerator, and other appliances, providing a food source for insects. If possible, move your kitchen appliances out from the wall and unplug them. Using a long-handled, slightly damp sponge, mop the back of the appliance to lift dust from the surface and then wipe the floor and walls with hot soapy water.

Thoroughly Dust Your Blinds

Quickly remove dust build-up by shutting blinds and dusting with a microfiber cloth. Next, close blinds in the opposite direction for a quick, thorough wipe-down using a non-toxic window cleaner and clean cloth.

Book an Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning in Layton, UT

Upholstery and carpet cleaning in Layton, UT is in high demand this summer! With warm temperatures, you can open your windows and your carpet and upholstery will dry even faster than in other seasons. With us, you get a healthier, safer home.

Vacuum all Your Mattresses

Mattresses are a dust mite’s paradise as people sweat up to a half-pint of moisture each night and shed up to nine pounds of skin each year while they sleep, so make sure you clean it regularly! Vacuum the mattress thoroughly and turn it over. Ideally, your mattress should be vacuumed at least once a month and turned over every six months.

Looking for carpet cleaning in Layton, UT? Get in touch with Precision Chem-Dry today! 

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